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Go Ye's ministry in southcentral Europe
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Go Ye Fellowship in southcentral Europe

is determined to be the ministry of choice for people of integrity who desire to provide the youth of Romania with the grace of the Gospel and hope for a better tomorrow.

WHAT The education of the Romanian youth and Italians is our focus. We impart hope for this life and that to come
WHEN The urgency of our work is clear. We are primarily concerned with the present for these children are in risk of losing their future.
HOW If we cannot do what we do through relationships and with integrity, we will not do it.
WHY Our stance is clear and unmistakable. The reason for our work is the Glory of God.
WHERE Touching Vicenza, Italy and Southern Romania from centers in Timisoara and Curtea de Arges
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The Year of Our Lord 2002
Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 2002

Valea Iasului Hospital, Romania

  • Classes continue for computer, reading, and Christian character.
  • Rathna begins work with infants

AIDS work, Romania

  • Youth work continues thanks to an alliance with Areopagus Center and Greater Europe Mission 

Community Education

  • English lessons, Bible study, and youth group continue in Romania.
  • Bible study begins in Italy.
  • Church grows in Italy.


  • Integrity InterNetwork prospers. 
  • Article is published on Christian leadership. 
  • Romania's largest Christian eAddress book grows. 
  • Casa Biblica and iBiblioteca remain among the industry leaders 

Financial Support

A Glimpse into 2003

HIV Anonymous:  Romania and Italy

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The Cross without the crossing

"The Word of God is folly to those who are perishing" (I Corinthians 1:18) but bringing the cross to those who are perishing should not make them fools.

The year of our Lord 2002 was a year when ethics became the headline of the business news as big corporations like Enron and Global Crossing made fools of investors with their greed and deceit.   As long-time visitors to can tell you, one of my first pages, 6 years ago was about my experiences with such problems at the University of Michigan.  Many people had told me that being so vocal would destroy my chances at getting a job if I ever sought one in the civilian world.  I never doubted that they were right, but at least now many others have joined me in the call for action.  There has never been a time more ripe for the message of the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.  Unfortunately, God's people have not been the big whistleblowers and "Christian" is not synonymous with ethics. In fact, this was the year that allegations ran wild that many Roman Catholic priests were involved in ethical misconduct with minors.  In Romania, the perceptions are the same.  Whereas there are 1860 sites listed by Google in Romanian for "ethics", only 7 are listed for "Christian ethics".

Yet, you'll find listed first among "ethical missionaries."  In a world of 'whatever,' we say that "whatever" doesn't work when it comes to life.  Loving Christ with all your heart is the faith necessary to open God's graceful gift of Kingdom life.  (Luke 9:23-24)  This love for God will be manifested in your life by loving others.  (I John 4:7-8)  Radu and Iustin seem among those who have made such decisions as many areas of their lives have been impacted by the Savior. Both are doing well in school and Radu is an excellent musician and tennis player trying to witness for the Lord.  Having picked up my bug for lifting weights, these youth have been caring for the Temple of God.  These youth are truly loving God with all their hearts, minds, and strength.

Romania map

Romania (click here for a secular summary of Romania)

The view across the Romanian spiritual landscape

As the director of the largest Christian library on the Internet, I keep abreast on the latest thinking throughout the ranks of the Romanian churches.  Fifty-two people responded to a survey of how salvation is obtained.  (In this survey, 35% were Repenter, 28% Orthodox, 18% Protestant, and 14% Catholic. n=70)  Of the Romanians who visited and responded to the survey, 48% affirmed that one is saved by faith.  Most American missionaries get taught that the Orthodox believe that you are saved when you are baptized as a child or by works.  Less than 10% fit the first stereotype and less than 25% the second.  The Repenters seem to know the plan of salvation no better--with between 20-25% thinking that it depends on a work like baptism. Possible factors that might introduce inaccuracies in our sample:  the people who frequent the are not your average Romanians but are probably better educated, more convicted Christians, and those who have learned quite a bit from our library ministry.

As you have been hearing regularly, the Repenter churches are mostly legalistic with little understanding of the Gospel of grace.  Virtually untouched by the Protestant Reformation, Romanians have little motivation to work with quality or improve their lives, and intellectual capital is low and declining.  Over the past few years, we have been focusing on an humanitarian work which included a community development effort.  The UNDP and the Markle Foundation urged in their article Creating a Development Dynamic "countries to ...sell high-tech products and handmade crafts on the global market" like we have started doing at the Romanian vEmporium  which was reopened and grew this year.

Uncrossing with the cross

Taking up the cross of Christ seems like folly to Romanians as much as Paul sensed it did to the world of his time.  "Why give up love for the world?"  "If you don't pursue money, how will you escape poverty."  "If I follow Christ, I will have to give up my Repenter friends."  All these are expressions of dismay I have heard at the apparent folly of the cross.  "Yes," I tell them, "all these things are true, but it is the step God calls us to take."  (I John 1:15-16)  Our stance for Christian character is highly visible, so much so that we have made even Christian missionaries and supporters uncomfortable. One of our stuggles this year was in our marriage process which you will read below.  I got pretty vocal with some of the clergy for the low value they seem to place on the wedding ceremony in Romania.  Standing up for the family has cost us financial support also.  When I counselled someone that his struggle with lust was not a valid reason to break up his family of five, he told me that he would no longer be supporting our work.  However, I still refuse to compromise for financial gain.  

Our civil wedding in Bucharest Economic landscape 

"The [UNDP/Markle] plan recommends poorer countries adopt new policies in five areas:  technology infrastructure, human skill development, entrepreneurship, government policy and the creation of local Web content."  It was good to see that such a prestigious agency agreed with the assessment of a lowly Boston U MBA like myself.  (-;   Three of these five are already areas of our ministry here.  As one of our graduates, Iustin has already begun earning money surfing for Christian content for the  which became the largest Romanian Christian library on the Internet.  My goal when coming to Romania was to use my education to develop an entrepreneurship program where I train the trainers to teach children  how to develop the technology infrastructure.  However, the lack of suitable and interested teachers has caused us to eliminate the community computer training program.  Instead, we have increased our focus on the poorest children of next generation who are in the tuberculosis hospital.  Here, our labors have been much more fruitful.  We will consider resuming community development if we find the human and financial resources to do so.  We are praying for and seeking a church planter, a computer person, and a businessman, all with a talent in teaching.  

Rathna, the latest member of our team arrived from India in July.  Taking a note from the Apostles, he sold everything he had to finance the trip. He works great with kids and is a real pleasure to be around, so he will be a valued member of the team.  Beyond that, this was momentous
for Go Ye because they started out sending missionaries to China and India and 50 years later, an Indian serves in Romania.  It is a bit momentous for our group as we will be four ministers from four countries.  Linda Chamberlain writes of the following benefits of multicultural ministries.  1. You clearly demonstrate that Jesus is not an "American" thing but He is for all nationalities. 2. You have a wider prayer platform.  3. Different people bring different gifts and perspectives.  4. The spiritual becomes distinctive from the cultural and you refine your beliefs.  ("Multicultural by choice".
(EMQ October 2001 p. 498)

Please pray for Rathna and for all these benefits to come to our group and to the community in Romania. We are focused on education and Rathna is a social worker who fits well in the mission statement.  He has been teaching the preschoolers until his language skills are developed enough.

According to Porter and Kramer, organizations like us who focus on developing children are few in comparison to those who just hand out grants "for assorted worthy purposes, spreading their resources too thin, and worst of all, failing to try seriously to measure how much social bang for the buck they are getting."  (See "Philanthropy's New Agenda:  Creating Value". Harvard Business Review. Nov.-Dec. 1999.)  I have always been conscientious of the cost effectiveness of our programs and benchmarking quality.  (Learning TQM in the Army, I was one of its advocates at the University of Michigan.)  A suitable benchmark for our child development programs is the US Government's Head Start program. Below, I have the pleasure of letting you see how we compare.  

Crossing the heart is key

God is prevailing and touching lives.  Upon leaving long-term, one gets an honest sense of how much one is appreciated. Ionel was so distraught with the thought that he got drunk.  (Although that is not something I encourage, as a non-believer that was the only way he knew to handle his emotions.)  When Aurelia told our neighbor that things had changed (I had not gotten the Italian visa promised to me) and we bought my apartment, she cried tears of joy for that meant our trip to Italy was not permanent as we had all understood was God's plan for us.  Despite her poverty, she gave us some beautiful wedding gifts.  (You can buy some of her needlepoint or crochet work at the vEmporium. )  Iustin's father spent one evening with us the week before we left for our shortened trip to Italy.  Embracing me with tears in his eyes, he said, "Iustin is your son, not mine.  Yes, I fathered him, but you made him who he is today.  Because of your classes in computers and English, he has work and a future."  

We light the eternal candle Some groups here bring a film, some goodies, and a religion where they claim ownership of your life.  If you do not comply with their religious convictions, they slander you and try to run you out of town.  Groups from among the Fratii denomination have expelled people because they believed that women should be free to be guided by the Holy Spirit over whether or not to wear a head covering.  One missionary, who had evidently seen too many John Wayne movies, even told me "Curtea de Arges is too small for the both of us" and with an Anglican priest tried to slander us to drive us out of town.  Rathna has had his fill of Repenters criticizing him for singing at a restaurant and wearing a chain his parents gave him. (Granted, these extreme cases do not reflect most of the people in the groups any more than Osama Bin Laden represents followers of Islam.) However, these are, indeed, frequent problems that provide a contrasting background for our focus on love and Biblical truth.   

The legalism of the Repenters causes disruption in the society.  Their followers usually don't go to Orthodox weddings, restaurants, parties, discos, or feasts to honor deceased relatives of their neighbors.  Gretchen Saalbach, a missionary friend with IFES suggested to a Fratii group that they hold a Jesus party with music and food so that the youth could develop relationships with their schoolmates.  They were appauled at the thought.  Much like people in any other culture, they remove themselves from the world instead of removing the world from them.  By focusing on the basics of Christianity common to all denominations, as Jesus did, we are welcome everywhere except among the pharisees.  Bottom line:  Reading this report will give you an idea of what you would see if you could be here:  We are bringing a life-relationship with Jesus not just a new theology.  We feel so privileged to have so many like-minded people still supporting us in our devotion to promoting grace and love as God demonstrated so well when He sent us His Son to permit us entrance into His Kingdom.  

Italy (click here for a secular summary of Italy)

The view across the spiritual landscape

While living in Italy from 1986 through 1990, I noticed that the Christian landscape was dominated by the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) with a small number of legalistic groups to add spice. The RCC emphasizes works for salvation and the other groups require certain platitudes in order for you to be accepted: wearing a head covering, not wearing a cross, being baptized a certain way. In few of the groups I saw were the essentials of Christianity (love and personal purity) high priorities. The soil was indeed hard and people rather disinterested, but the Gospel they were given was a stone to swallow instead of bread to nourish.

Now: A group called the "Popolo di Dio" is stressing the essentials of Christianity and experiencing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in very relational ways. Thousands of Italians have come to Christ and have a life that demonstrates it. God is moving!    A revival has begun in Italy, with thousands coming to know Jesus in a personal way.   Take the Vicenza group as an example.  It is one of the first that Cristina started.  Yet, even there, over 90% of the group have become Christians in the past 3 years.  Some are now reading the Bible for the first time in their lives.  As a result, there is a great need for teaching. 

Romance is not dead  "The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; nor will they say, 'Lo, here it is!' or 'There!' for behold, the kingcom of God is in the midst of you."---Jesus (Luke 17:20b-21)

How difficult this verse is for many of us missionaries to understand or practice!  So many are accustomed or trained to think "The Baptists are Christian but the Pentecostals aren't."  "It is OK to work with the Catholics but not with the Presbyterians."  "It is fine to bring to light the weaknesses of the Orthodox, but not those of the Evangelicals."  We are tempted to think that the Kingdom of God follows denominational lines.  Being from an ecumenical and Evangelical Presbyterian background, I don't understand this and often step on denominationalist toes.  I believe that there are members of the Kingdom in each denomination and, yes, even outside the church walls.  It is my job to minister to anyone in any denomination who has ears to hear.  Just like in Jesus' era, often the men of the cloth are most plagued by presbycusis (inability to hear high frequencies) and the "sinner" is the most receptive.

The believers at the Hospitality House of Vicenza, Italy, and I have had a relationship that has gone back 15 years to when I was stationed there as an Army captain. One week, we had Gary Bradley, a Navigator missionary, make the point even more strongly.  Absolutely no county in the US is seeing a net growth in attendees of Christian churches.  I don't know if that was percentage-wise or numerical, but that was a strong statement, nevertheless.  Clearly, we are not reaching the lost but church-shuffling.  He called those present to radically rethink their missiology. I would venture to bet that this is true in Italy and Romania also. 

This is what we are doing in Italy and Romania.  Not taking the traditional approach, God's People are using lifestyle and experiencing God to bring the Gospel to others.  It is ecumenical and outside the bounds of denominations, which makes many people nervous, but it is clear that the Kingdom of God is in the midst of us for lives are being changed. 

While I was gone, due to not having a visa permit to stay, some of the group had started talking to a Franciscan monk who put some pantheistic ideas in their heads.  When I asked them why they started going to the Franciscan, one said, "While you were gone, there was nobody else to teach us, so we had to find someone."  The thrust of my Bible studies during this time were focused on rebuilding the Biblical foundation  and shoring it up against New Age theology.  Alberto, who is from a Baptist background, forewarned me that it will not be popular with many people who follow Jesus as "one of the ways".  Please pray for three things

1. that the Holy Spirit continue to bring to remembrance the Scripture Alberto and I brought them,
2. that He will stir up interest in the Bible studies I will periodically send them by e-mail and
3. my hear cries out in anguish for these people, asking God why He doesn't give me the visa I need to stay and teach.  I've hired a former police officer to process my latest visa request with his former colleagues.  Pray that this inside track works.

Aurelia and me after the wedding Personal

After my heart breaking over the needs of God's People in Vicenza, the most difficult part of Aurelia's and my life is putting aside our devotion to God and His work to look out for each other and ourselves. As our premarital counsellor advocated to me, it is a time to put away the selflessness of single life.  If I don't take care of myself, I clearly will fail to provide for my family.  All the things that God has been working in my life will now be reworked!  Talk about stress! The first thing that has to go is Paul's and my perspective that "to die is gain."  I must take care of myself, physically and mentally.  I must start taking time out.  Next year, I hope to take a vacation with Aurelia--our honeymoon.

You are part of my support team.  I'm totally convinced that I have the most godly and supportive friends in the whole world.  It was GREAT in October seeing so many who have been friends for so long.  Aurelia was very impressed if not intimidated by the cultural and educational levels of them all.  She enjoyed sharing fellowship with true Protestant Christians after seeing so many legalistic groups and borderline cults around us in Romania.  The difference impressed her and gave  her an appetite for more.  She has been witnessing to everyone now--she is on fire and encourages me now!!!
Hearing her tell her testimony was a real blessing for me.  I hadn't known that she considered that I brought her to know the Lord and she testified to her best friends that God had used me to change her from being "very egotistical".  A distinctive of our work is love and integrity from a personal relationship with God instead of legalism. Don't think I'm fooling myself, I don't expect the legalists to get the message as they didn't get Jesus' message.

Aurelia LaBrie, the lady the Evanghelica Libera church thought looked too
much like
a model for their liking After four years of dating and waiting, Aurelia and I got married on May 30, with the church ceremony following.  To see more wedding pictures, click here.  In Romania, the church has turned over marriage rights to the state.  They won't marry you in the church before you are married by the state.  For me, that was a serious sell-out of the institution of marriage which God ordained, yet the non-Orthodox give the firstrights to the State.  A missionary here points out that the Orthodox get around this by believing that in this Orthodox country, the state is the church, but that is another discussion.  Despite the diminished importance they give to the church wedding, with family already on their way it was too late to move the ceremony to another country. 

Our pre-marital counselors were many, some who did not have commitment to follow through on their promise and one who was too close to me to be objective.  Finally with  Sandy Wilson  did a great job and remained committed until the end. That end was later than expected as the US visa promised in 90 days took a year. (Who said our government could count anyway?)  The supposed one-day visa pickup at the embassy became a two-week process.  Finally all the church and US government beaurocracy was completed and we were supposed to fly there September 12th--plans interrupted by Bin Laden.  Each time was like someone took a scalpel to my heart.  The scar tissue that developed made me begin to not feel anything or care about it all.  For any man this is a trial, for if you reading this are a woman, you know that for a 37 year-old woman this was a nightmare.  I don' t know how many times over the period Aurelia told me, "It's not worth it, I already don't want any more."  Yet, she was quite the soldier patient to negotiate around all the landmines set by the evil forces through Repenter churches, terrorists, and our own government.  I Corinthians 10:13 implies that the more one matures, the more God will test him.  Clearly, we have grown tremendously.  One way that I have grown is in prayer.  Marriage has sure helped me be "constantly in prayer" as Paul recommended. (I Thessalonians 5:17)

During the marriage preparations and now during marriage, I have become impressed with the schooling that the Moldovans had under communism.  The difference in refinement and education between Aurelia, who went away to high school, and many others who had "normal" childhoods under communism convinces me that she knows what it takes to make a real difference in the lives of the impoverished children who make the TB hospital their home.  I see more than ever that Aurelia has some of the experience necessary to meet the challenge ahead.

The wedding party.  Jesus was there--the wine didn't run out...  "When you offer a lunch or dinner, don't invite your friends and brothers, neither your parents, nor your rich neighbors who can in turn invite you and you will have your reward.  Instead, when you offer a banquet, invite the poor, the deaf and the blind and you will be blessed because these can't return the favor.  You will have your reward at the resurrection of the righteous."---Jesus (Luke 14:12-13)

Undoing this Christian training has been the most difficult for us (as likely is for most newlyweds).  Like any Christian single, I have spent a score of years serving those who can't repay me--the refugee, the persecuted, the poor, the orphan, the AIDS child, ....   For a month starting in August, I found myself home-bound, serving Aurelia who was often bed-ridden with a spinal inflammation due to an old dancing injury.  How I struggled with this!!!  I felt so selfish helping her knowing that she would be able to repay me when so many Romanians were in need .  ...and people told me that marriage was supposed to make me less selfish!  Another change:  The salary raising that seemed so selfish to me has now become a way that I as a man must provide for (and express my love for) my wife.  Financial support is a major concern now, for I have a duty to my family.  Spiritual maturity in marriage seems to be a different path than one in celebacy.  That may be the only way I have come closer to God so far, but that is a start and I wouldn't trade marriage to Aurelia for anything in the world.

In my training to become an emergency medical technician, one of the first things I learned is "do not become a casualty yourself." Our marriage counselor encouraged me to focus more on what I like to do instead of my habit of doing what needs to be done. This should decrease the likelihood of burnout. This coincided with my boss's advice to get into a supportive environment.  God guided each of us that I should have time in a culture where I would have the support of Christian peers and take a year from projects to devote to relationships with my wife and others like the Scriptures advocate. Armed with what I thought to be God's clear guidance and will I went to America to get the visa the embassy said was available to me. God disagreed with what people had believed they heard from Him and I returned empty handed and the ministry about a thousand dollars poorer. This violated my faith that God guides His Church and I got very confused. But my foundation in Jesus the Rock was strong enough that I could carry on unwavering and curse was turned to blessing, as God did much more this year than any of us could have hoped.

The following is the proposal I made to supporters last year and the way God fulfilled it.


1 year of sabbatical with the following objectives:


Legend: Fulfilled, partially fulfilled, unfulfilled

1. rest and focus on relationships: Aurelia, others of God's People (Deuteronomy 24:5) God increased stress as He permitted the denial of the visa. Rest will have to come later but relationships have continued to be my focus
2. being on a supportive team
  • A team of God's People has developed in Italy
  • Alberto is my partner in bringing the Bible to the group.
  • a fellow missionary couple from our sister church in Ann Arbor provides moral support. and 
  • to Romania God sent Rathna in July.
3. Bible study: leading a study in the church in Italy and taking the Perspectives in Missions course The Bible study started in September but the Perspectives in Missions course was postponed for financial reasons. Hopefully it will occur next year.
4. focus more on publishing my articles in Romania. Articles have been accepted for publication in 2003.
5. Inspire a world vision, partnering Italian churches with Romanian ministries. The Evangelical church in Trento, Italy financed the repairs to the hospital bathroom.
6. Move the Casa Biblica to become more recognized on the Internet. The Casa Biblica site is the #1 Italian bookstore on all the major search engines.
7. Repair a bathroom at the TB hospital. Done. See the results here.
8. through a partnership with Greater Europe Mission, to continue the work with AIDS children.  Done. Read about Erika's work here.
9. through a partnership with the AoG, to continue the work at the TB hospital. Rathna, Gail and Gary continue the work in our absence.
10. continue to expand the Internet work. Done. Read about it here.
11. publish a series of articles on child development. They were accepted for publication next year.


children received tooth brushes and toothpaste In this year of transition, what has remained constant?

1/4 of our ministry is still to children with AIDS in Romania.

1/2 of our ministry is to orphans

We are still motivating people to missions.

I (sorry, WE) still depend on your prayer, encouragement, and financial support.

I still focus on teaching the basics of Christianity and have increasingly have developed a team of local partners. It is good to work in a prospering Christian movement with adults who are seeking after the Lord.


Our long-term vision remains the same

1. Anchor the Popolo (Vicenza, Italy) in God's Word

2. Partner Italian churches with churches around the world, including the work we have been doing in Romania.

3. The work with AIDS children will continue with our support and the supervision and partnership of Greater Europe Mission.

navigator for ministry reports

AIDS work,

a child to whom you minister through Erika

Researchers Andresen and McNamara from my alma mater,  Boston University, have found that if you were spiritual and you had intact or good frontal lobe function, you were better off in terms of overall health.  What this showed us is that stimulation of the frontal lobes by being religious may provide protection from the worst aspects of illness and might even have an impact on buiding up the immune system."(Bostonia. Spring 2001, p. 36)  This shows that the work we are doing not only prepares the children for the hereafter but helps heal these sick children.  Perhaps this is why I have had only one sick day in my entire career. 

The John Templeton Foundation surveyed American consumers and found that 54% "want doctors to get training on incorporating patients' spiritual needs in their treatment plan."(Health and Healthcare Networks.  February 1999, p. 84)  That number is probably higher in a culture like Romania's where the church is linked to the state.  This means that we are working where we are wanted, not forcing or buying our way in.

Erika's work continues in two hospitals in Timisoara.  She has started counselling the parents as well. We expect that developing a  Romanian "HIV Anonymous" website to support HIV patients will develop some synergy.  Developing our partnership with HIV Anonymous may yield some good literature also.


  Children with their rewards for academic performance Another focus that is central to our work is preparing children in Romania to live lives that will be pleasing to Heaven and productive on earth. The orphans and poor children at Valea Iasului Hospital are given a chance that they wouldn't have otherwise.

In Romania among the poor and homeless, the most wide-spread disease is TB with an increase of 130% over last year. 
This is heartbreaking.  Even sadder the poverty is that most are waiting for some miraculous intervention to change their fate instead of believing that they can do it themselves. Instead, just as there is an infatuation with the lottery, Romanians await their number to come up via a foreign benefactor like foreign capital or entry into the European Union to instantly bring prosperity.

Technology companies talk about intellectual capital being necessary for their success in business.  A country can be rich in resources, but the most important kind for any country are intellectual resources--the knowledge and wisdom of how to effectively use their other resources.  In November 2001, the Assistant Minister of Education was on a talk-show called Tuca on Antena 1.    Romanians have more than their share of scholastic olympians but the minister said that the average Romanian child today are taught only half as much as their parents were. Outside of the major cities, this is a severe deficit here.

"There has been an alarming decline in school enrollment rates in Romania since 1992.  According to statistics published by the Romanian government, more than 400,000 children have abandoned school in the past eight years.  Enrollment in secondary school (grades 5 to 8) dropped 20 % in that period - with no corresponding decrease in population.  Contrary to the belief that the state education is free, there are significant hidden costs (textbooks, notebooks, warm clothing, uniforms, boots, meals, fees for classroom materials) that make it difficult or impossible for low-income families to send their children to school.  Studies suggest that economic pressure on families is one of the most significant factors in the decline in enrollment rates, and gypsy children are disproportionately affected by it.  Under Romania law, children who have been out of school for two years or more are legally barred from reentry.  The number of children who no longer have access to education in Romania is staggering." (Report from "Back to School" organization in Romania)

Poverty keeps parents from buying school materials.  That is why you helped us provide hundreds of notebooks and pens to the poorest of the poor and the orphaned children at this TB hospital.  

As reported by InfoBeat, the UN Development Program published an 86-page in July 2001 stating that the "Internet could raise living standards.   Poorer countries can raise their living standards by changing laws, building technology infrastructure and training workers to use the Internet."  We have taken notice and have maintained our computer applications classes at Valea Iasului.

Aurelia continued to work with Oana (now 10 years old) developing her reading comprehension, building on the reading foundation we developed prior years. After we started with her when she didn't know her alphabet last year, Oana is one of the best children in class now. Thus, instead of being lost, bored, and disruptive, she is now well-mannered enough not to get thrown out of class. This should enable her to become less needing of private attention. This is in conformance with studies that show "a strong link between the literacy skills children possess upon entering kindergarten and their subsequent school performance." (Wilson Quarterly, op. cit) 

Mariana continues to grow and develop at home. With Mariana gone, Aurelia has  turned her attention to Manole, another child we have known for the several years he's been in the hospital.  Like Oana, he has needed help also with reading comprehension. Additionally, Aurelia taught Cristina an 11-year-old child with no mother. She can't read and has a problem pronouncing r's.  She had to learn 'L' from Aurelia.    I'm proud what Aurelia has taught Oana as she reads better than Cristina despite being 2 years younger.  If we get to continue with her, we should be able to bring her up to normal.

Rodica Rodica built upon her numerical knowledge to add the next 50 numbers to her repertoire. We also have taught her how to read.

Apathy was prevalent among the 80 children at the TB hospital, until we started rewarding them for achievement each semester.  Now, they literally claw their way over each other to be chosen for tutoring and  cry   when they can't get instruction but every 3-4 days. The change in virtually all the children is remarkable. The Education Director has commented that there is less vandalism now confirming that in Romania, just as in America, "studies reveal a link between student reading difficulties and other problems, such as dropping out or committing crimes."  ("The Magic of Head Start"  Wilson Quarterly Autumn 2001, p. 107)

"It's hard to find a federal program more popular than Head Start." starts the article, "enjoy[ing] bipartisan favor, with its budget quadrupling to $6.2 billion." However, "The jury is still out on Head Start['s effectiveness]" (Currie J Journal of Economic Perspectives, Spring 2001) "The average child attending Head Start now 'exits that program in the summer before kindergarten being able to name only one--yes, one--letter of the alphabet.'" (Whitehurst GJ. Education Matters. Summer 2001) Well, in this annual report you see that the work we are doing with your help here is much more effective and economical.  

The cost of Head Start is $7700 per child. Even if Aurelia had no other ministries in the community in Romania and Italy, the annual cost per child for the same results through our ministry is $1700. Your donation to Go Ye Fellowship in Romania goes 4 times farther than your tax dollar.  Most foundations give only 5.5% to charity, (ibid.) while over 90% of the dollars given to Go Ye for work in foreign countries gets sent there.  



In additional to our development programs, this fiscal year we conducted a construction project to rennovate the bathroom of the hospital.  It was
financed by a church in Trento, Italy.  The director told me, "You think of this as only a construction project.  The kids see it that they are now living a normal life where people care about them.  They now have toilets like the rest of the world and once they learn how to use them, they will feel comfortable in the real world."  To the left is an example of how the toilet looked before and to the right is an after shot.   Click here for details.

Rathna's work with the nursery school children has been of vital importance to their future lives. A National Institute of Health study has found a link between "child aggressiveness and day care - The more hours that toddlers spend in child care, the more likely they are to turn out aggressive, disobedient and defiant by the time they are in kindergarten." (  In the hospitals where we work, the children spend not 8 hours but thrice that.   We need someone with a degree in education to come work full-time. Please pray for this person to arrive quickly.

Valea Iasului Hospital,


Community Education


Whenever you leave anywhere, you really get a sense for how you are appreciated.  People figure that they no longer have anything to gain from being nice to you, thus they will be blatantly honest.  A long-time friend, Costel, really let his feelings show when I was leaving Romania for this trip to Italy.  "Iustin is your son, not mine.  Yes, I fathered him, but you made him into the young man he is today.  You taught him the computer and now he is sought after to do all kinds of work.  He has a future now.  I'm not his father, really.  You are."  Thanks to the ministry our wedding we are doing here together, Iustin, and others have a bright future.

Our community education includes the following programs: 

  • Evangelistic English lessons
  • grade school Bible study
  • Youth group
    (The youth investigative Bible study ended because both the children became Christians) 

Any way I can serve these children is great.  The Bible classes are getting too popular to hold them in the warm kitchen so I have to have the children wear coats in the living room where it is hardly 50 degrees.  (With the repairs we finished in the Spring, next year should be much more comfortable.)  Stellian and Valy are two new children with whom I've been sharing the Gospel.  I don't think they are Christian although Stellian claims to be and has decent behaviour to show for it.   

With the youth, we finished our studies of the Wonderful Spirit-Filled Life by Charles Stanley and The Mind of Christ. These books focus on the inside of the soul, believing that once the inside is changed, the outside will conform. I believe it is a much better model than trying to get outward conformity first.

I take some time with Oana God's answer to our prayer for a Christian employee with initiative, sales skills, and technical knowledge to expand this work and make it self-sustaining has not yet been answered as we hoped.  As we wrote in our annual report last year, a knowledge of the Gospel, capitalism, and computer are three rarities in Romania.  We have turned our focus to Italy and America, hoping that God will send messengers.

  Graduates, including Valea Iasului 
Subject 1999 2000 2001 2002
Typing 3 8 8 6
Word 0 2 3
Excel 0 0 2 3
e-mail/Internet 0 0 3 0

Got her!


God has blessed the work here in Italy extremely well.  The group continues to grow and is now up to 20 regulars.  We continue to have a new visitor every week.  I am the appointed Bible teacher and I began half-hour Bible discussions weekly plus 15 minute sermonettes twice a week.   This trip, I focused on the basic message of the Gospel, God's plan of salvation.  If you read Italian, you can see the lessons I have been teaching at

I have programmed Bible passages in Romanian into the typing program so that typing students get exposed to the Gospel.  I made it available for free on the web.    The web work goes well. 

In the area of medical assistance, I found out through the American Hospital Association that the medicines they were using were harmful to the liver.  The medicines are used in the US but only as a last resort.  Last I heard, they were going to adjust their practice here also. 

In 2001, rose to first for "Christian humanitarian in Romania" and this year we attained that status for "missionaries Romania".  This has enabled people to find out about our work and join in our Campaign of Grace.

The work assisting and fostering cooperation between the Romanian Christian workers includes two activities. 1. The Integrity InterNetwork (formerly the eAgenda) and 2.WWW Best Practices GuideThe priest makes his point.

  • Our Integrity InterNetwork is the leading site for Romanian missionaries. It was established with certain criteria. First, they must  agree to follow Jesus Christ as the Lord of their lives.  Secondly, they must accept that the Body of Christ includes believers  in all denominations, including Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant.While other groups seek a large listing,we are seeking ethical  quality, so our objective is not to impress you with a large number of entries  in the book.  Nevertheless, colaboration increased by 4 members to two score.  We have had considerable success in our work and you can read about it here.  The address book has 186 associated individuals and businesses that have some profession to Christ. 
  • The Best Practices guide is on the Internet at . Four WebPages take some of the mystery out of some of the legal aspects of working in Romania. 

Previously, I have had the resources to pay someone and we have been praying for colaborers for this work.  Iustin, has been growing in partnership in the and could serve that purpose, but now with support down, lack of financial resources is the shortfall.  Please pray for greater support.

The Casa Biblica Internet bookstore is now among the top 5  Italian Christian online bookstores. 

Christian Management Report published "Discerning Justice", an article I coauthored with a former supervisor, Dave Jeffery in their  October 2001 issue.  You can download it in .pdf form or see page 27 of the magazine.  It outlines some of the things I learned in my career regarding the vital importance of a manager to be fair to his employees.  It will give you an idea of my management technique.  Then, in January 2002, they published the second article in the series,  "Justice in the Workplace".


Written Publications

Financial Support


Support $US Cash only 
Excluding goods
 (Fiscal years except for donor retention) 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002
General Ministry 9885 17,509 35,661 34,310  33,747
Year-to-year Increase   +77% +104% -4%  -1.6%
Special Projects       633  
AIDS Medicine     2344 200,000 offered but not accepted  
Romanian Family Assistance     520 179  ???
V.I. Hospital Evangelization   339 490    
V.I. Hospital Assistance   300   758  622
Orphans   270      
GRAND TOTAL (Offered)/Received 9885 18,418 39,015 (235,670)
Year-to-year Increase   +86% +112% (+504) -9%  
Donor Retention

Charity among our donors fell slightly during the year, primarily because a principal donor decided to allocate a large amount of tithing dollars to deal with a personal problem.  There was no noticeable affect of the infamous day (9/11) when the cries and shock of so many Americans was heard around the world. We kept our lives focused on the things needed to be done like our President advocated.

It is quite remarkable to me that people were faithful despite the economic woes that have hit the country, especially the stock market and the technology sector.  The latter is where most of my donors work but individual tales of faithfulness are impressive.  One former brother -in-arms continued his support despite a long period of unemployment.

This year, as proposed by donors and supervisor, we attempted to start a ministry in Italy, linking them to the work in Romania.  Funding for this proposal needed to match requirements, but the increase failed to appear.  This will hinder our goals and plans.  However, we have not lost our focus, so bear with us.  God's plans cannot be thwarted.
  Markets Outlook logo
Returning the blessings
Through my weekly Markets Outlook publication, readers have been blessed to have 4 consecutive years where they have outperformed the stock market, both in rising and falling markets.  Doing our small part of blessing the economy and citizens of the United States in time of war and economic hardship was a blessing to us as well.  If one figures that the readers have at least $10,000 invested, I've been able to bless them as much as this ministry has been blessed by our donors.  This is a way I bring blessing to my donors so that they can bring blessings to the needy.  If you are an investor, I welcome you to take advantage of this.  Let me know if you are interested in receiving it for a free-will donation. 

            Last year we thought and reported that there was a decline in the number of donors. however, a large amount of year-end giving actually bettered the number by one. This year we will hopefully see something similar.

Diversity CY 1997 CY 1998 CY 1999 CY 2000  CY 2001 CY 2002 (Projected)
Number of donors (excluding special projects) 5 33 43 56 57 37
Percentage from 4 largest donors 100 43 37 36 35 32
Percentage from outside USA 0 3 6 3 4
  FY 1998 FY 1999 FY 2000 FY 2001 FY 2002
Missionaries Supported 1 2 3 2 3
Short-term or part-time missionary-months 3 9 19 43   4
Total missionary-months 15 33 55 67 40
Year-to-year Increase   +120% +67% +22%  -40%
Annual turnover in personnel 0 0 0 20% 0

This year saw our first decline in the number of short-term missionaries.  I'm not sure why this is.  Many of the previous missionaries were friends of mine who were still young and without families.  Now, pregnancies and births seem to be prevalent and adjustments are being made to your lives.  

I am willing to be used by God to inspire other workers to the field, but this is not a primary concern.
navigator for ministry reports

  A Glimpse into 2003

            Here is where I get to present our  projections for the future of Go Ye's ministry here in southcentral Europe. Our vision  narrowed from the removal of our community computer education program but has widened to incorporate Italy.    I will break down our plan into those two countries. 

  1. It seems likely that I will get my visa.  Aurelia's will come later.  The American embassy says that it should not be hard to get hers once mine is in hand.  We will see.  Please pray that both these occur.
  2. God's People in Vicenza have invited me back to teach more lessons.  I hope to relay some of the extensive training I have received in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 
  3. The biggest obstacle is the funding.  Please pray for more support.

We believe things will continue as they have gone in Romania.  There are some people interested in coming for short-term teams, so this might add some color to the year.  The obstacle to growth here right now are resources, human and financial.  Please pray. 

Serving together

2003 will have its challenges and opportunities. Through God we can make the best of both.  Aurelia, Erika and I join all the children in thanking you for your participation in this ministry.  It is an exciting era .

Respectfully submitted.

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